Nine of Will Smith’s films include the same catchphrase.

The 2022 Oscars “catchphrase” that Will Smith made famously is: “Get my wife’s name out of your f*g mouth! ”

Really Nine Movies?

After hitting the comedian on stage for making a G.I. joke, the 6′ 2″ actor howled at Chris Rock twice in front of over 17 million TV viewers. Jane makes fun of his wife’s buzzcut who has alopecia.

However, millions of people who see his movies are probably unaware that he spent years prior to that developing a catchphrase that turned him into a box office success rather than a Hollywood outcast.

When fighting large green aliens, he first uttered his catchphrase in the 1996 film Independence Day.

Then, in Seven Pounds, all three Men in Black movies, in which he portrayed Agent J, and the Bad Boys blockbusters, Will continued to scream it.

In I, Robot and Suicide Squad, it also appears.

And what is the infamous saying? “Aw, no way!”

He yells it in nine of his 29 films, which have a combined box office of £5,959,535,863.31. He loves it so much.

Fans have taken notice of it and claim that Will is attempting to coin a movie catchphrase that is as well-known as Arnold Schwarzenegger’s “I’ll be back.”

Others on Twitter have suggested that instead of slapping the stand-up in retaliation to Chris’ joke at this year’s Oscars, he should have simply said it.

After seeing the smack, someone exclaimed, “Aw hell no. Will Smith, on national television? Chris Rock deserves praise for handling the situation with class and remaining professional.

Will’s opponents made fun of the Oscars executives for not booting him out of this year’s ceremony despite the fact that he was given a ten-year suspension from all Academy Awards festivities for the smack.

Security: We’d prefer you to go, one person wrote online. Will Smith: Oh no way! Security is good, go ahead.

Another person said: “I wonder whether Will Smith thought to himself, “Aw, hell no,” before getting up to walk to the stage.”

His first acting job since slapping Chris Rock would be in the future movie, which he plans to produce.

According to Deadline, Will is in talks to play Nick Cooper, a federal agent who works for the Department of Analysis and Response, in Sharmeen Obaid-debut Chinoy’s feature film.

The film, which is based on the Brilliance trilogy by Marcus Sakey, takes place in a dystopian future where people who are not neurotypical—referred to as “twists” or “abnorms” by society—pose a threat to the well-being of the “normal” population due to their special abilities.

They are officially referred to as “Brilliants” and are closely monitored by the government, the movie’s synopsis claims.

Emancipation is an Apple TV+ project that Will will shortly appear in, but it was filmed before the Oscars.

In the true-story movie directed by Antoine Fuqua, he plays a fugitive slave in Louisiana.

Will’s star power rating decreased from 39 to 24 between January and July 2022 as a result of his declining popularity following Slapgate, according to Variety.



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