Nicolas Cage Makes Far Out Claim on If He Wants to Join the MCU

Nicolas Cage is a unique talent. He has produced stupid action pictures, moving family dramas wrapped in mystery, ridiculous vampire movies, and even a self-spoof movie. He is, so to speak, genre-free. The traditional superhero genre, though, is one that would be less without Nic Cage, and Hollywood’s most adaptable actor isn’t about to change that anytime soon.

As Big as It Gets

Cage’s response was straightforward when asked about his career and the likelihood of seeing him in a Marvel Cinematic Universe movie during a recent interview with Variety. “I’m Nic Cage, I don’t need to be in the MCU,” so there you go, he’s  much larger than Marvel, greater than DC. Greater than whatever may result from the two being combined in some odd love child situation, which we can only guess is the ultimate fantasy of neckbearded comic book superfans everywhere.

The View from Up Here

Nic Cage is him. Really though, Cage has arrived at a moment in his career where he is free to do whatever the hell he wants. For goodness’ sake, he comes from the Coppola family. They are Hollywood blood and royalty. Even though he has no immediate plans to appear in a Marvel movie, Cage does acknowledge others. “I’ve gotta be nice about Marvel movies, because I named myself after a Stan Lee character named Luke Cage,” he admitted to Variety.

He was then questioned about the current situation of contemporary superhero films, which are box office powerhouses packed with wonder, action, and never-ending storylines that are released in “phases”. While we all still know him as Ghostrider, who’s to say he won’t be in any MCU film just yet? Then again, he’s been doing pretty well with a lot of his projects. You keep doing you Nic! 



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