New Treatment Helps 40% of Patients Regrow Their Hair

Researchers in the United States have found a medication that may be used to treat alopecia areta, a condition in which the body attacks its own healthy hair follicles.

Behind It All

Concert Pharmaceuticals, an American pharmaceutical company, is now testing a twice-daily medication to fight and restore rapid hair loss caused by the incurable disease.

How It Works

The new treatment works by calming the immune system and preventing it from overreacting. The drug’s manufacturer announced the results of its phase three studies this week, which lasted 24 weeks and involved 706 adults with alopecia aged 18 to 65 from the Canada, Europe and the United States.

This new treatment can help out a lot out there and could mean so much to those who really need it. Luckily the tests have gone bearing good news and would soon be able to help out even more once approved and released in the market.