New Spider-Man Movie Draws Speculation About Reusing Old Footage

Warning! Spoilers up ahead!

To those who have not yet watched the newly released Spider-Man movie, you might want to brace yourself for this bit. The speculation has caught the internet by storm as some fans have noticed that some parts of the movie could be reused footage from the older Spider-Man movies.

It’s All Editing

It can certainly be debated that the editors did a sloppy job with the movie. Some hardcore fans have taken it to the internet to show which scenes are very similar to those in the new movie. In this shot, it would seem that this Curt Connors scene is only a mirrored version that may have been used.

It Might Have Happened

Similarly, the same can almost be said with this scene that involves the Sandman. Related to this news, the special effects supervisor of the new movie had also implied that Sandman actor: Thomas Haden Church did not actually film any news scenes. This could mean a lot to fans all around the world but this would be something yet to unfold as time goes by.

Be sure to check out this video for a side by side comparison and see for yourself if it’s just cheap editing or something else.






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