New Open World Game to Be Released By GTA Creator

Leslie Benzie, one of the designers of Grand Theft Auto, is creating a competing open world game that claims to be a game changer. The new video game will be called EVERYWHERE, and we didn’t know much about it until now because it was first teased in 2017.

In The Works

Build A Rocket Boy, the company behind the new game, has provided some updated information on why gamers may be in for a treat. EVERYWHERE is being dubbed a “real-life Ready Player One,” a reference to the book and film in which individuals can enter a vast digital universe and do almost anything they want.

All The Talk

According to Video Games Chronicle, a new investor paper didn’t specifically mention EVERYWHERE by name, but it did describe a project that sounded very similar to the one Build A Rocket Boy was working on.

The game is described as a “open world AAA game with a multiplayer experience integrating a multi-chapter epic narrative, user-generated material via a “virtual sandbox” where players can create their own worlds, and rich social and streaming integrations,” according to the article. According to reports, EVERYWHERE will offer a unique multiplayer experience.