New Belgium Law Allows Employees to Ignore Bosses After Shift Hours

This new law in the country takes on a whole new level of privileges when it comes to businesses’ employees. While workers do and sacrifice a lot, it’s mostly the boss that comes up on top and having to do a tad less. Well not anymore! This new law will help employees make sure they wrap up on time and don’t have to spend extra hours being unpaid!

Done for the Day

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The new law will be called the “The Right to Disconnect” rule. From next month, civil officials in the country will have the option of ignoring work-related contact when they are not on hours of their shifts.

For the Greater Good

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These principles are set to be made law in order to combat ‘excessive work stress and burn-out,’ according to the memo, which was written by the Green Party’s Minister of Civil Service and Deputy Prime Minister Petra De Sutter. They may eventually be rolled out to workers in both the public and private sectors. This can mean less stress and less dispute between coworkers, bosses and employees. A possible win-win situation for the country of Belgium and can be the start of something really progressive in the future.







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