Netflix to Cancel Its Most Watched Series

Despite being left on a massive cliffhanger at the end of season two, fans of Netflix’s Fate: The Winx Saga were left feeling tremendously let down when it was recently revealed that the series is officially ended.

Cutting Down

Just this week, it was revealed that The Imperfects and Partner Track, two 2022 shows, had also been canceled after just one season, aggravating viewers even more. The number one show on Netflix right now, though, has exactly the opposite story, having been saved from cancellation.

More to Go

According to LADbible, the supernatural drama series Manifest centers on a group of airline passengers who mysteriously reappeared after going missing and being assumed dead for more than five years. Strange, mysterious things. Anyway, you can see why people were devastated when the show was canceled and ended on a cliffhanger after three seasons of airing on NBC.

In other Netflix news, many have been speculating about what the title of the first episode of season five of Stranger Things could represent. It’s called “The Crawl,” in case you missed it, and some people believe that it might be a hint at the reappearance of a beloved figure.



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