Netflix has Confirmed a Regulation Change that Would Result in Charges for Millions of People Who Share Accounts

According to a statement released by the firm last week, if you’ve been using someone else’s Netflix account to stream movies and TV shows, your days are limited.

New rules, same game

Be prepared to start paying for Netflix if you borrow someone else’s or share their login. The dominant streaming service has been announcing that a crackdown on password sharing was coming soon, and it looks like they are almost ready to implement some new regulations.

Netflix stated last week in a letter to shareholders that it plans to introduce paid account sharing “more generally” by the end of the first quarter of 2023. Over 100 million homes, according to Netflix, have multiple accounts, which “undermines our long-term capacity to invest in and develop Netflix.”

When paid sharing launches, executives said in a letter that they anticipate some users may terminate their accounts, but that “borrower households” will create their own accounts instead.

A tool that Netflix has been testing to prevent users from exchanging passwords across addresses will now be implemented more broadly, which might force millions of individuals who now use Netflix for free to pay.

However, there will be a “paid sharing” option that will be less expensive than a full membership and provide you the chance to share one account among numerous homes.

Netflix stated last week when they released their earnings report: “Later in Q1, we aim to start rolling out paid sharing more extensively.

The extensive account sharing that is now occurring (in more than 100 million households) jeopardizes our capacity to expand our company and invest in Netflix in the long run.

Although the exact date has not yet been determined, “later in Q1” hints that it will be soon.

Additionally, we are unsure of the locations that will receive this therapy, but it has recently been tested in Latin America.

Additionally, Netflix will be able to monitor which devices are utilizing the streaming service thanks to newly additional features, which will help them better track who is paying for what.

Their statement went on to say: “We have put a lot of effort into developing new features that enhance the Netflix experience, such as the capability for subscribers to check which devices are utilizing their account and to move a profile to a different account.

“Members will have the choice to pay more to share Netflix with individuals who don’t live within various countries as we roll out paid sharing.

Netflix understandably anticipates opposition but believes that the caliber of its offering will eventually win people over.

We anticipate the tendency to follow that of Latin America, with engagement increasing over time as we continue to offer a fantastic lineup of programs and borrowers join up for their own accounts, the study continued.

You may purchase an advertisement-supported plan that is less expensive than the entire commercial-free bundle if you don’t want to commit to a complete subscription. The cost of that package is just £4.99 per month, which is £2 less than what their normal Basics offering costs.



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