Netflix Documentary Draws Attention for Its Concepts

Viewers of a recent Netflix documentary were left perplexed after learning some rather bizarre and challenging ideas about mathematics, particularly infinity. This has proposed for one person to think about and has a lot of brilliant minds thinking as well.

All About It

Its title is A Trip to Infinite, and it uses a variety of academic fields, such as theoretical physics, arithmetic, cosmology, and philosophy, to examine the mathematical idea of infinity. The documentary video, which is divided into a number of episodes, displays a variety of thought experiments and difficulties that are all discussed in vivid and fascinating ways. They are all intended to determine whether humans are genuinely capable of grasping infinity or whether it even exists.

Pretty Strong Effects

It’s serious content, and it’s undoubtedly not appropriate for everyone. It would undoubtedly hurt most people’s brains rather a little, and that seems to be the online community’s consensus so far. Users of Netflix who commented on the documentary said that it made them think for a very long time or that it felt like they were just learning everything.

Make sure you check out the trailer of it right here!



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