NASA to Launch Mission to Explore Asteroid that Costs Billions

NASA has announced that it will send a trip to investigate an asteroid worth a staggering almost $9000 quadrillion in 2019. If successful, this expedition could hypothetically make everyone on Earth a millionaire. The 140-mile-wide, metal-rich Psyche asteroid, which orbits the Sun between Mars and Jupiter, will be surveyed by the Psyche expedition.

Something Unique

The asteroid is special because it looks to be “the exposed nickel-iron core of an early planet,” one of the “building blocks” of our solar system, according to NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

What It’s Made Of

According to Forbes, the Psyche is made of materials that are comparable to those in the Earth’s core, which is believed to contain gold, nickel, and iron valued at $10,000 quadrillion. In an earlier article, the outlet also discussed how mining the asteroid and reaping its wealth would “collapse the paltry Earth economy of around $74 trillion.”

NASA’s mission was scheduled to launch earlier this year but was delayed, the space agency claimed, “as a result of mission development problems.” This prompted an internal assessment of “whether the mission would be able to overcome these issues to successfully launch in 2023.”



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