MrBeast Gains More Than 20 Million Subscribers with This Brilliant Move

Jimmy Donaldson, the YouTuber’s real name, has around 200 million subscribers across all of his channels, with his primary channel having the fifth-highest subscriber count on the website for video sharing. Mr. Beast has shared the “great idea” he utilized to significantly increase his membership base, which resulted in millions of new fans.

The Secret

As you might expect, Mr. Beast has a sharp business sense and recently shared the relatively simple and quick technique he utilized to increase his numbers by millions. On The Joe Rogan Experience, he mentioned his dubbed channels, which, as the name implies, feature his videos with subtitles in several languages.

A Few Thoughts

“We actually… I’m kind of curious why you don’t do this… we do our videos in other languages,” he said in response to Rogan’s question in a podcast. “So these are the exact same videos on my main channel, but we pay voice actors to dub over them. We translate the text on the video – everything” Mr. Beast continued, “We translate the text on the video and everything. Last year, Mr. Beast en Espanol was one of the fastest growing channels.”

The “great idea” hasn’t simply paid off in terms of subscribers and views, as Forbes just revealed MrBeast to be the richest and best creator in the world. According to Forbes, MrBeast had 162 million followers, an average engagement rate of 5.99 percent, and an entrepreneurial score of three in 2021. He also reported earning a staggering $54 million.



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