Mother Gets A Surprise from Late Gift From eBay

It may be past the season of giving, but there are still people out there giving out gifts and spreading cheer. No matter how late is, a gift will still hold a lot of meaning and value to the right person. But for this mother, she may gotten less than what she paid for.

Coming Late

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This was certainly the case for a woman and her daughter in Teesside. The mother of three, who wishes to remain anonymous, attempts to find a gift related to the 1986 fantasy film Labyrinth, which her seven year old daughter adores.

A Late Surprise

Although the gift ordered by this mother had come rather late, she was in store for something else. She had expected that the stuffed toy come around December 20 but had come around January 3 instead. If that wasn’t enough, it looks like the manufacturer had rushed the design of the toy and had the mother in disappointment.






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