Miniclip Has Been Deactivated for Good

We shall fly the flag at half-mast today in honor of Miniclip.

Farewell, old friend

When the teacher left their computer unattended for five minutes so they could go fetch an extra chair, we used to be able to play browser games on those servers, however, those servers are no longer available.

Since the destruction of the Library of Alexandria, there hasn’t really been a catastrophe of this scope. With an initial investment of £40,000 in 2001, it has 400 games in all genres and was valued at over £275 million by 2008.

In the driving game On The Run, you had to traverse the city while being pursued by enemy vehicles who were racing relentlessly toward you, all the while trying to destroy your vehicle or run out of fuel. Heart-pounding material.

In The Pharoah’s Tomb, which required a little more mental effort to accomplish, you had to outrun the dangers and traps inside the ancient labyrinth as rapidly as you could.

The fact that Adobe Flash is no longer supported has undoubtedly contributed to the downfall of Miniclip’s games, and earlier this year, the website began giving priority to its mobile services at the obvious price of these classic browser games.

It’s crucial for us to concentrate on providing the best experience for as many fans as we can, the website stated in its announcement.

“The evolution of marks an incredible milestone in the Miniclip journey, and most of our players have already migrated over to mobile to play their favorite games, including the likes of and Soccer Stars,” it added.

Only the servers for 8 Pool Ball and are still active, however, several Miniclip favorites are hosted on The Internet Archive’s servers.



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