Microsoft Already Teasing Its Latest Xbox Console

Phil Spencer, the head of Xbox, seems to be hinting at a new gadget already. According to PlayStation LifeStyle, in a recent tweet, followers quickly noticed something in his posted photo that didn’t look familiar, setting off a full-scale investigation on the internet.

A Bit of Find Me

People weren’t paying attention to the Vault Boy figure, though, according to a recent tweet from the boss. What appears to be a slimmed-down Xbox Series S is sitting on the very top shelf, beneath the sword and to the right of the Xbox controller.

More Than Teasing

It seems that the general public was, sort of, correct. According to a Microsoft representative who contacted with Digital Trends, the item on the shelf is actually an old prototype of the future streaming gadget Keystone. We’ll simply have to watch for developments. Hopefully, its presence on Spencer’s shelf still suggests that news is on the way.

Make sure you check out his tweet right here!



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