Meters-High Mountains of Mannequins Found in the Midlands

It is quite common in the fashion industry that they implore the use of mannequins to display their latest creations. These mannequins are also put up on display in malls and other brand stores. But what happens to them when they are damaged or rendered useless? Well this place has those answers and even more about them.

Mannequins for Days

As seen in the video, there are tons and tons of mannequins in the lot. As the director of the place has mentioned in the video, some of the collection of mannequins were destined for a landfill. And to the subject, in short term industries like in the fashion world, these mannequins are often tossed out once the job had been done. Turns out, it’s not just a handful of them that their throwing away.

Need A Hand?

Now with all the mannequins that comes through the director’s way, she’s turned the lot into a business. She explains the process in which she accepts the mannequins, damaged or not. If they happen to be damaged, they go through a process of restoration and would come out for sale once more. This is a repeated process and helps the reputation of the business well. Not only that, but the director has had many opportunities for some gain and to make the business even more well-known.

Be sure to check out this video here and what other surprises she had in store for her visitors.






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