Metallica Gives Response on Iconic Eddie Munson Guitar Scene

Eddie Munson uses Metallica’s “Master of the Puppets” to frighten the demo-bats away from Creel House in the suspenseful season four conclusion. Since then, Metallica has responded to Eddie’s stirring guitar solo from the television show Stranger Things.

All to Gain

Since then, Metallica has posted a footage of Eddie’s epic guitar solo on Instagram to celebrate the usage of their 1986 song in the popular Netflix horror thriller. They were, of course, honored to have their song in the series and has garnered more fame than they thought.

Perfect for the Job

Since they were already big fans of the show, Metallica apparently didn’t need much persuading to agree to have their song featured in the supernatural series. The Duffer brothers did not even think about choosing any other music because they were absolutely keen on using “Master of Puppets” for the scenario.

The band concluded in their Instagram post: “It’s an incredible honor to be such a big part of Eddie’s journey and to once again be keeping company with all of the other amazing artists included in the show,”. And if that weren’t enough, the show’s music supervisor told reports and interviews that “Master of Puppets” was the one song perfect for the scene and it was irreplaceable.



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