Met Office Why This Weather Phenomenon Gets Mistaken for UFO Sightings

The Met Office took to TikTok to explain how a basic weather phenomenon is most likely to blame. So, what’s the deal with the weird objects in the sky? It’s actually a lenticular altocumulus!

A Bit More Common Than We Think

The phenomenon, sometimes known as “stunning clouds,” resembles a flying saucer and has been linked to a number of UFO reports. While “quite unusual in the British Isles,” the Met Office told Edinburgh Live that they do “come out on occasion.”

Kind of Out of This World

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As a result, that spooky object in the sky could be a cloud rather than a star or being. If you’re unhappy at this point, don’t worry; the phenomenon turns out to be quite awesome, quite literally. They have the potential to produce high winds and even freezing temperatures.

It might be quite simple to distinguish between a Lenticular cloud and a flying saucer. It’s all in the movement, as experts explain: “Lenticular clouds don’t move at all! They are completely stationary.” So, if it’s moving and appears like a flying saucer, it might be a UFO or someone throwing a plate out the window. It could just be cloud if it’s perfectly still.

Be sure you check out their video about it right here!