McDonald’s Give Their Response on Claims About Their Burger Size

Some people believe that McDonald’s is the target of a huge conspiracy. When someone compared the sizes of a Filet-O-Fish, a McChicken sandwich, and the beef burgers at the fast food restaurant, rumors started to circulate. The size of their flesh had changed, and many people had noticed this, but not everyone was so ready to draw conclusions.

The Big Statement

In response to the criticism, McDonald’s has now issued a statement assuring customers that nothing has changed. A business spokeswoman stated: “There have been no changes to the size of our burgers. We are committed to offering our customers great quality, great value burgers featuring 100 percent RSPCA approved chicken and 100 percent Aussie beef.”

A Bit of a Difference

While Maccies asserts that the sizes of its products have not altered, Mars cannot make the same claim as it was reported last month that the candy company was shrinking the size of its Twix bars.

Some people may see it different as compared to what McDonald’s has to say, but rest assured, the powerhouse does their best to still serve quality and belly-filling meals. Hopefully soon, the issues may be resolved with not much going on with social media or from the company as well.



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