Massive Fine Awaits Breeders Who Sold Bulldog Puppies for $27,000 Each

Millionaire breeders: Karl and Victoria Shellard face massive backlash for illegally running a breeding business. They have been breeding for about 6 years and have been force breeding bulldogs and forcing them to birth more than one litter per year. Now they face a court ready to prosecute them.

One At A Time

Credit: Wales News Service

Evidence shows that the couple were even artificially inseminating the breeding bulldogs in order to produce more puppies for their illegal business. They had been taking advantage of the demand for dogs during the pandemic and continued to run their operation through it all.

Dog Days For The Owners

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During ongoing investigations, officers discovered a partially filled Breeder License Application Form that had never been submitted. Additionally, investigators discovered 20 dogs in an outhouse-like structure at their property, along with a laboratory that included several microscopes and equipment for collecting sperm and blood.

Check out the whole news video here and find out what awaits the two.







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