Margot Decliened

Margot Robbie Declined Playboy Invitation of Hugh Hefner

Margot Robbie’s big break came with Martin Scorsese’s smash film The Wolf of Wall Street from 2013, and she is now one of the hottest names in Hollywood. But when her career was only getting started, she declined a chance to appear in Playboy.


Hugh Hefner, the late creator of Playboy, was immediately drawn to the part because it contained multiple sexual sequences, including a full-frontal nude scene. Even though he didn’t know her name, he was certain that he wanted to include her in his magazine.

Thinking Things Through

Robbie, who was only 23 years old, turned down the opportunity. Robbie has acknowledged that she was concerned about the sexual sequences in The Wolf of Wall Street being shared online when she agreed to play the part.

She bravely chose to reject Scorsese’s daring suggestion to water down the story for her comfort, opting instead to uphold the film’s integrity. A bold and great move by the actress and still holds her reputation high up until this day. Cheers to Margot Robbie!



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