Map Concept for “GTA 6” Merges All Major Cities to Form Huge Open World System

With the announcement of Grand Theft Auto V on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, it appears like Grand Theft Auto VI will not be released anytime soon. Thought GTA 6 rumors have shown a map that combines the numerous cities and locales from prior GTA games into one gigantic open world is one of the most frequently requested features by fans.

A Bit Farfetched

It’s highly improbable that a map this large would appear in the future GTA. We’ve already learned that the new game is still in its early phases of development, and that Rockstar is considering launching it as a “moderately sized” game with future updates.

All These Efforts

According to a Kotaku post from a months back, 15 members of staff who are either still with the developer or have left since the release of Red Dead Redemption 2 stated Rockstar is considering this change in tactics to minimize crunch.

Though it would be quite the change to see a huge map and an even bigger open world to explore, it would still pose a lot of problems during production. If Rockstar pushes through with this concept, it would draw lots of mixed reactions, but only time will tell on what comes out!