Man Refuses to Share Winnings with Family After Winning Over $5 Million

With the holiday season ending, more good news has come to an anonymous Reddit user. He had brought it to the platform where he had spread the news and also expressed his ideas regarding his winnings.

Not Even a Single Cent

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The man revealed he was quite young at the age of 24 and also revealed his plans on what to do with the money. Starting off with paying off student debts, he has also taken his family out on a vacation. After which, he took it to Reddit expressing that he will not share of any of the winnings with anyone in his family at all.

A Secure Future?

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After the Reddit user had expressed his thoughts, he had received a lot of backlash. Some people commented on the importance of family and more. This of course, has left the man unfazed and defends his ideas. He stated that his family had not really accepted him and is merely securing his future when it came to investing the winnings and spending it on where it belongs.







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