Man Continues to Earn $90,000 After Automating His Job For a Year

The pandemic was truly a trying time for everyone. When it came to finding or keeping up with jobs, people were almost out of options as some jobs could not be done from the comfort of people’s homes. One man had decided to make the most out of it while staying home and has been earning much ever since.

Just at Home

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An IT professional recently stated that he was able to entirely automate his work. The tech genius took to Reddit that his job entailed handling digital evidence for cases, uploading data to the Cloud, and managing it for a law business.

Even before the pandemic, he admitted that it was “never an eight-hour job” and that he was frequently “stuck pretending to work” in the office.

Making The Most Out of Time

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The man had also revealed that he usually takes about 10 minutes on his work desk. And once he begins the automated system on his computer, he’s pretty much free to do whatever he wants. He usually spends his time playing video games but also makes sure that he get the job done to maintain his stability, of course.







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