Mafia 4 Confirmed to Be in The Works

Mafia 4 is now formally confirmed to be in development. Roman Hladik of Hanger 13 made this admission during a Q&A on the official Mafia website. Other than saying that the game is still “a few years away,” he hasn’t provided any other information.

A Little Bit of the Details

Nero is the codename for Mafia 4, and Unreal Engine 5 is rumored to power the upcoming Mafia game. Many fans will also be pleased with the game’s narrative because it will take them back to the beginnings: Mafia 4 will be a prequel that focuses on the rise of the Salieri family.

Where to Begin

However, because the Salieri family originated from Italy, Mafia 4 will, in accordance with XboxEra co-founder Nick Baker, take place in Sicily between the years of 1890 and 1920.

A scene like that immediately brings to mind The Godfather trilogy, notably The Godfather 2. That one included aspects of a prologue after Don Corleone’s ascent, first in Italy and then in America. Mafia might follow a similar path.



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