Logan Paul Officially Signs with the WWE

Logan Paul made his WWE debut at Wrestlemania, and now he has formally committed to the company. Paul and the WWE both shared the news on their own social media platforms. The YouTuber-turned-wrestler also issued a challenge to The Miz, his tag team partner who ultimately betrayed him, along with images of Paul signing his WWE contract.

Pretty Much Set Up

Paul, according to ESPN, agreed to a multi-event contract that calls for him to make periodic guest appearances on the weekly TV shows as well as in a number of WWE premium live events, which were also known as pay-per-views.

Humble Beginnings

For video networks like YouTube, Paul and his brother Jake started their careers as content producers. The duo has changed their performances in recent years, with Jake Paul moving into the boxing industry and Logan Paul now joining the WWE.

It’s unsure of what Logan can bring to the table when it comes to wrestling, but considering his last appearance, there can be tons of potential. Logan could be set up with a feud at any time and was already spotted training with a WWE legend recently.



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