Logan Paul Gets Injured at WWE Pay-Per-View

At the WWE Universal Championship on Saturday night, the former YouTuber who is now a professional wrestler went all out. Midway through his WWE Crown Jewel encounter against Tribal Chief Roman Reigns, Logan Paul suddenly disclosed that he had suffered a serious injury.

Some Bad News

The injury occurred halfway through the match, and Logan posted a picture of himself lying on the trainer’s table with an ice pack wrapped around his knee. He captioned the photo, “Torn meniscus, MCL & potentially ACL. Keep y’all updated.” If Logan does end up with a torn ACL, it could spell the end of his WWE career for a while because the recovery time is usually between six and nine months.

Going the Distance

Logan must receive it from you. If he was battling while nursing a knee injury, his defeat would be much more admirable. From the beginning, the battle was quite even, but Logan made an effort to gain the upper hand by pulling a few tricks all throughout the match.

Roman Reigns extended his two-year run as the unbeaten champion by defeating Logan with a powerful Spear to end the match. Of course, we’re all wishing Logan Paul a speedy recovery!



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