Living Without a Pulse Proves to be Possible With the World’s First Heartless Man

The progress of technology has always been helpful and certainly benefitted man. And with that, doctors have made significant advancements in their field. This story might shock many but can also serve as inspiration to some.

A Groundbreaking Experiment

Two doctors at the Texas Heart Institute have spent their sweat, blood, tears and their time into numerous groundbreaking experiments. These experiments would one day save a man’s life and change it forever. After decades of trial and error on 38 calves, they had to make a tough decision and perform the procedure on a man who direly needed it.

Staying Alive

Craig Lewis was the man who needed this procedure. He expressed he did not want to die and that his family did not want to lose him. Dr. Billy Cohn and Dr. Bud Frazier had tested the procedure on calves and may have produced several results and had about no choice when it came to the case of Craig Lewis. Craig and his family had come to the decision of keeping Craig alive and thankfully, the doctors were also up to the task. The operation proved to be a success and has provided new hope for people just about everywhere.

Go on and watch more about this scientific and medical breakthrough here and watch on about the miracle performed by the doctors at work.






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