Live Adaptation for How to Train Your Dragon Approved

It turns out that Toothless will fly in a live-action movie. The Hollywood Reporter claims that Universal Pictures has given the go-ahead for a live-action How to Train Your Dragon movie. Writer, director, and producer Dean DeBlois, who oversaw the whole How to Train Your Dragon trilogy, will return. Additionally, Universal has already set a March 14, 2025 release date as a sign of confidence.

What It’s All About

The main character of the series is a young Viking named Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III, played by Jay Baruchel, who develops into an expert on dragons with the help of his dependable friend Toothless, a rare Night Fury dragon. One of the most solid and consistent franchises produced by DreamWorks Animation has been How to Train Your Dragon. After its debut in 2010, the first movie, which Chris Sanders co-directed, brought in close to $500 million worldwide, inspiring the creation of two sequels.

Running Its Course

All three films won praise from critics and were each nominated for the Best Animated Feature Oscar that year. DreamWorks Dragons was a TV show that ran on Cartoon Network from 2012 to 2014 before shifting to Netflix in 2015 and airing for another six seasons under the new title Race to the Edge. Additionally, Universal and Netflix collaborated on two other related TV programs.

Lilo & Stitch, which he wrote and directed in 2002, was DeBlois’ most well-known work before starting on How to Train Your Dragon. Additionally, he is listed as the Mulan story co-head from 1998. No doubt that he could be the catalyst to make the shift from animation to live action while also grabbing a lot of attention from viewers and audiences everywhere.



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