Lionsgate Entertaining the Idea of Possibly Having a Fifth John Wick Movie

A fifth entry in the “John Wick” series is apparently being considered by Lionsgate, the production company behind the hugely successful series. The series’ fans, who are impatiently expecting any updates about the upcoming novel in the deadly assassin’s saga, have been enthused by this news.

No Shock Here

It’s not surprising that Lionsgate is thinking about making another movie in the series given the popularity of the first few. The potential of a fifth film is reportedly being discussed by the company with Keanu Reeves and director Chad Stahelski. All four of the preceding “John Wick” movies have been directed by Stahelski, who is largely regarded with establishing the franchise’s distinctive fusion of violent action and stylish graphics. Fans are already guessing about what might happen next, even though there are no official clues concerning the fifth movie’s premise.

Endless Support

Fans are anxiously anticipating more John Wick adventures no matter what course the fifth film takes. Numerous references and parodies have been made to the franchise, which has evolved into a cultural landmark in mainstream media. Additionally, the series has inspired spin-off works like the “John Wick” video game and comic book series.

Over $500 million has been made on the global box office by the previous movies, so there is no reason to think that the fifth picture won’t have a similar impact.
Fans of the franchise are generally thrilled to hear that Lionsgate is thinking about making a fifth “John Wick” film. The possibility of another epic adventure with John Wick is enticing, especially with the dynamic duo of Keanu Reeves and Chad Stahelski in charge. As always, we look forward to hearing any further information on this wonderful development.



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