Labrador Gets Rescued From Icy Lake by Brave Police Officer

In recent news, a brave police officer goes above and beyond his safety to save a Labrador from drowning and potentially freezing from falling into an icy lake. Winter can certainly be harsh but this officer that bravery trumps the very cold of winter.

As Cold as It Gets

While the incident had occurred, the owner had called the police and informed them that the dog had gone about 75 yards onto the ice and had them come over right away. The owner also mentioned that the dog may be a great swimmer but there was little chance to get him back onto the ice when he had fallen in.

The Boys in Blue

Officer Jon Smith had cautiously approached the situation and made sure that everything was in place before he went to save the dog. The owner recalled that the office did not hesitate or even think twice on what to do, but instead chose to save to the dog’s life while he still could.

Make sure you watch the whole video and how this officer was praised because of his heroic actions.







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