Korean Horror Series Has Viewers Terrified Over Released Trailer

In recent releases from the streaming service, Netflix has now released the first trailer of a new Korean Horror Series: All of Us are Dead. The zombie series is based on a popular webtoon and has lots of fans excited to watch it.

More Korean Entertainment

Since the launch of Squid Games, Korean entertainment has caught the world by storm and shows no signs of slowing down. While the country has made lots of highly rated films and series based on zombies, we are about to find out if this series makes the cut.

More Than A Tease

The series takes place in a school where students would have to face a horde of zombies. Similar to fending off zombies in the classic game Left 4 Dead, the students must make a choice of joining forces to slay the zombies or accept a cruel fate. It is imperative that they must make a choice of fleeing, fighting or to die but with these concepts in the trailer and in mind, this would only make it one series to highly anticipate.

Be sure to check out the trailer here and see for yourself if it would live up to the hype.







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