King Charles Becomes Irate Over Pens Once More

Even The Royals appear to experience frustration with inanimate items, and King Charles III is obviously not an exception.

“Every Stinking Time”

The former Prince of Wales was observed getting angrier at a defective piece of paper at a recent signing ceremony, and this isn’t the first time.

The rage initially surfaced during a signing ceremony at Hillsborough Castle in Northern Ireland when Charles accidentally scribbled down the wrong date and had a pen kind of burst on him.

Charles and Camilla are both seen on the video seated at a table with documents in front of them, accompanied by a small group of staff members.

“Is it September 12th?” the 73-year-old asked.

“13th, sir,” one of his aides promptly responded.

To which the newly-appointed monarch reacted: “Oh God, I’ve put the wrong date down,” before confirming yet again which the correct date was, “Thirteen?”

The assistant responded, “Yes, sir.

Another adviser told the King, “You signed the 12th earlier.

King Charles stood up from his throne after some incomprehensible rambling and exclaimed, “Oh God, I hate this.”

Then, Queen Consort Camilla joins in on the fun.

The Consort remarked to her husband about the pen, which was now covered in ink, “Oh look, it’s going everywhere, hang on.”

Charles gets up when staff members hurry to help the couple and makes one last complaint to the stationary.

He started his tirade with, “I can’t bear this bloody thing!”

What they do, each and every time, the monarch said.

Charles rushed out of the room, and Camilla sat down on the seat and signed the papers.

This is the second time in recent memory that King Charles has lost his cool over a pen.

King Charles convened his first Privy Council meeting during his proclamation, where he formally announced himself as the country’s new sovereign and sat to sign official declarations.

The newly crowned King didn’t hold back when he expressed his annoyance about being a little cramped on his table.

Charles tried to sign the second document after signing the first when he was given two very large documents on a table that barely contained one, but a bothersome pen tray got in the way.

Pen Problems

To allow Charles more room on the table, an assistant motioned to a staff member to hastily remove the pen tray.

Since then, the response has gained popularity as a large number of Twitter users have flocked to comment on Charles’ gesturing.

In a comment, someone asked: “Why did Charles make such a strange gesture for them to remove his pen case, could he not just pass it and say, “Could you remove this please?” I guess a lifetime of servants does that to you.

The chaotic nature of the affair was noted by another user, who wrote: “They should have practised for this declaration King Charles wasn’t thrilled with that pen holder item being in his way,” adding with a laughing emoji.

Do you have pen problems too?