Kim Kardashian Reveals Major Spider-Man Spoilers And Has Fans Raging

Spider-Man: No Way home is one of the most awaited movies of the year and has fans buzzing all throughout. With that in mind, lots of these fans are waiting for when it would be released online or to get their chance to check it out on the big screen. Being a Marvel fan in 2021 is great despite the pandemic and whether a show or movie comes out, fans are always ready for them with their expectations and more.

                The harder part of waiting for movies in your country or town can also take a toll, most especially if you have a later date for those releases. Avoiding spoilers is always one of those harder tasks to take care of and when it comes to that, one would usually go to extreme lengths to avoid them all. While most of us Spider-Man fans are doing our best to avoid spoilers, some people and sites can’t help themselves from sharing the greatness of movies. This also goes for the recently released: Spider-Man: No Way Home. Lots of fans have taken to social media their anger and dismay when A-Lister: Kim Kardashian exposed some of the crucial scenes in the movie.

Kim K Shares It On…


Being equally famous on all social media platforms, Miss Kardashian herself has taken it upon herself to share lots of photos regarding the screening she had in her home theater. This has caused a lot of outrage among fans whether it would be Instagram, where she shared the photos, Facebook or even Twitter. Kim Kardashian has set out the stage when it came to the important points of the plot of the movie. Of course, these were major spoilers, most especially those who closely follow her on Instagram. Not only were they mad, but they ended up being disappointed as their anticipation has now died down along the spoilers continuing to be shared.

Fans Thoughts On It

Credit: Instagram/Kim Kardashian

Lots of fans have already taken their thoughts all across social media. Most fans are already outraged as these spoilers keep on spreading like wildfire. Spreading all over the internet and spoiling more people, these would still annoy more people than not. One Twitter use said:

“Not Kim Kardashian spoiling Spider-Man for people.” 

                Regardless of which points in the plot were spoiled, these are already big and can put a damper on anyone waiting for the release in their respective cities and homes. Anyone still interested in seeing these spoilers can always check out Kim’s Instagram but should stay cautious on whether or not they would be spoiling others. It would be best for a lot of people if these spoilers would be contained, but as much as we all hate spoilers, let’s try not spoiling others even more.






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