Justin Lin Set to Direct “One Punch Man” Movie

Justin Lin, the director of half of the nitrous oxide-fueled Fast and Furious films, is back with a new franchise. The director is in talks with Sony to create an adaptation of the popular Japanese manga One Punch Man.

New Opportunities

Lin’s recruitment comes only weeks after the director’s high-profile departure from Universal’s Fast X, which saw an unprecedented situation occur in which the director willingly quit a project that was already in progress.

The Story Behind It

One Punch Man originated as an online comic in 2009 and is about a superhero named Saitama. He can defeat just about anyone with a single punch, yet he quickly becomes bored and seeks for a greater challenge.

While Lin has proven his prowess as a director, this could be quite the move when it comes to directing movies, much more on an adaptation from the manga and anime. Fans do hope to see the action packed scenes that Justin Lin brings and hopefully, he’d bring justice to the mange and anime.



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