Justin Lin, Director of Fast X, Steps Down From Movie

Justin Lin, the veteran “Fast” series filmmaker, will no longer lead the upcoming Fast X, which has been put on hold while the studio searches for a new director.

Still A Part of It

Lin has been hired to direct the two-part Fast X and Fast & Furious 11 finale, according to Deadline. Despite the fact that work on Fast X has already begun, Lin will step down as director due to artistic differences, however he will remain a producer on the films.

A Solution

Fast X had only recently begun production, but there would be a lengthy hiatus until Lin’s replacement is found. The studio is apparently already talking to replacement prospects, so a decision is expected soon.

Lin is well-known among fans for directing some of the most critically acclaimed Fast and Furious films. It’s unclear who will take Lin’s place, however other directors have attempted the Fast franchise, including James Wan.