Just a Little Bit About Picking Up Ladies at School or University

When it comes to talking to girls or getting their attention in school, that can be pretty hard on its own. And for most guys, they might not know that they can talk to a girl with no hesitation but they could of course, do so with just a bit of help. Here are some tips to make sure you would be able to do quite well with the ladies in school

Have a Sense of Humor

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One of the most underrated things when it comes to chatting up girls is being funny. That doesn’t mean being clown funny but girls would always like a man who can make them laugh and get their attention with their great sense of humor.

Stay Clean and Presentable

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It’s always an essential to look and feel your best especially when you’re in school. This goes without saying that when you want to talk to girls in your school, you have to look the part and at least smell like it. You would be trying to initially impress someone so why not do that right from the get-go?

Be Confident

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Nothing beats confidence when you’re trying to hit it up with ladies. Now of course, you’d be surrounded by a lot of people in school everyday so coming on to a girl would be a bit hard since they’re always around their friends. Now that’s where confidence is key, you have to show them that you’ve got what it takes to get their attention. Just don’t go overboard with the whole confidence part.

Now these are some tips that could help out guys looking to talk a girl up and maybe invite them out. Stay tuned for more of these tips and possibly even more discussions on it in-depth!






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