Joseph Quinn Says He Learned and Played the Guitar in Epic Scene from Stranger Things Finale

Joseph Quinn, who plays Eddie on the hit Netflix series Stranger Things, has addressed whether or not he actually played the guitar in Eddie’s memorable season four sequence, in which the character scales the roof to perform an epic version of Metallica’s “Master of Puppets.”

His Amazing Feat

After the most recent episodes of the well-liked science fiction series debuted on Netflix, Eddie Munson was revealed to be the series’ improbable hero after giving his life to drive the demobats away and passing away in Dustin’s arms. However, even before that, he had won over many fans with his endearing friendship with Dustin and, of course, his amazing rooftop guitar solo.

Dedication to the Role

In a recent episode of the podcast Off Menu, Quinn discussed the scenario and admitted:  “I’ll be totally honest with you: most of it’s me, and I’m doing the hands, the music hands… to make the music. The difficult music – the solo – they’re not my hands.”

Be sure you check out the videos of it right here!



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