How Much Do Gamma Blue Jordan 11’s Go For?

Being in style will always be one of the ways to get noticed. Taking into consideration the many things that we wear, there are just some certain things that just simply go with our outfits that are better than others. Basketball shoes are a great example for this and what a way to go than checking out the Gamma Blue Jordan 11!

A Hefty Sum

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Although you could look it up online, perhaps on Facebook or even their page and website, we could tell you how much those Jordan’s could go for. Right now, you could get your own pair that’s worth around $650 – $750.

Not Just For Your Eyes

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Much like the player, these shoes aren’t all flash. You could use them on or off the court and even for a lot of exercises and sports. Sure they may cost a lot and you’d look good playing basketball with them, but they sure are comfortable and can get the job done.

If you got some money to spare and are looking for some great basketball shoes, consider checking out this pair of Jordan’s. It’s sure to look great on your feet and great enough to get the job done!