Jon Bernthal to Return as the Punisher in Upcoming Marvel Series

The Punisher will be played once again by Jon Bernthal, which is the news that many of us had hoped to hear one day but thought we would not. Indeed, the actor who played the part for more than twenty-four episodes until the show was canceled in 2019 is returning. Fans at the time clamoured for Bernthal to be given the chance to continue the plot and for the popular program to be preserved. Unfortunately for many, their protests went unheeded, and it appeared that they would just have to settle for watching the show over and over again.

The Planning Phase

That was the case up until recently, when insiders informed The Hollywood Reporter that he would be playing Frank Castle again in the upcoming Marvel series Daredevil: Born Again. In the eagerly anticipated series, which is scheduled to begin filming in New York later this month, Bernthal will co-star with Vincent D’Onofrio and Charlie Cox, a British actor. The 1986 Frank Miller classic Daredevil story that served as the inspiration for the new series. Other from the Punisher’s debut, it hasn’t yet been made clear how it will diverge from the original plot.

A Huge Return

Also, Born Again will have an astonishing 18 episodes, whereas other Marvel programs typically have six to nine episodes. Cox’s character was sidelined in 2018, much like the Punisher, although his supporters hoped he will show up again in the future. In an earlier interview on the revival, Cox claimed that the fans’ social media tweets pleading for the return of Daredevil to television or the big screen, which he stated contributed to the revival of Daredevil.

Deborah Ann Woll and Elden Henson, who played Karen Page and Foggy Nelson in The Punisher, respectively, are reportedly not expected to return. It’s unclear at this time if the roles will be completely cut, recast with different performers, or just eliminated. Though it’s going to be quite an interesting series with this news and when we find out more about what can happen with more of Marvel’s plans.



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