Johnny Depp Voices Thoughts on Amber Heard Requesting a Mistrial

After claiming that a 77-year-old had been called to court to serve on the jury but that a 52-year-old residing at the same home had actually turned up and participated, Heard’s defense team asked for a mistrial. Amber Heard’s ex-husband Johnny Depp has reacted to her request for a mistrial in their defamation lawsuit.

Turned Down

As reported by E! News: In response, Depp has now asked that the move for a mistrial be denied. According to Depp’s legal team, Heard’s attorneys “had more than enough time” to look into the potential jurors, and the person who ended up on the panel after another was summoned was still “competent to serve as a juror.”

A Bit Too Late

Additionally, they contended that the request for a mistrial was made on July 8, which was seven days after the deadline set by the court for contesting the judgment. According to Depp’s official response, “Ms. Heard has not established any reasonable basis to set aside the jury’s judgment in any way, notwithstanding her understandable disappointment with the trial’s outcome.”

Heard had previously challenged the defamation trial’s decision, and her legal team argued that one of the three remarks that had been determined to be defamatory of Depp was not actually written by her. And while no update has been given just yet, we shall have to see what Amber Heard comes up with or if she decides to even push through.



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