Johnny Depp on the Verge of Returning to Stardom After Victory in Defamation Case

Following his spectacular court victory, Johnny Depp is preparing a two-pronged showbiz comeback. After seeing the US jury call ex-wife Amber Heard a liar, the 58-year old actor, smiled and shook hands with his fans and supporters at a pub in Newcastle upon Tyne yesterday night.

Having His Back

He believes he now has a ‘great opportunity’ to restart his career, fueled by fervent support on social media and in the courts. He wants to release an album with guitar icon Jeff Beck, 77, later this year, written by the two men at Beck’s Sussex home.

Putting Up a Fight

His legal team praised the jury’s decision, adding they “could not be happier for him.” Schillings, a British law firm, said he is satisfied that he has had the opportunity to “reveal” Miss Heard’s lies.

While a lot of his fans are ecstatic for the actor, Johnny will be starting from almost scratch with his career. A lot has been squandered by recent and serious events, but it seems that this victory only scratches the surface when it comes to the potential that Johnny Depp can have.