Johnny Depp Gets Signed by Netflix for Role

It’s a perplexing situation. Depp initially claimed that Disney had fired him, but later he seemed to imply that he had departed the franchise of his own volition. Later, Depp revealed his intense desire to play Jack Sparrow once more. Overall, I’m not really sure what the reality is, but a lot of people are curious to see what the actor does next. It appears that he will collaborate with Netflix on a French project. 

A New Role

La Favorite, a historical drama, will soon be available to Netflix members, according to a Bloomberg report. King Louis XV will be played by actor Johnny Depp in the French actress Maiwenn Le Besco’s film La Favorite, which explores the connection between Louis and his third mistress Madame Jeanne Bécu du Barry.

A Constant

In the past, Netflix has committed to investing in more international projects, especially in light of the phenomenal success of Squid Game. Four percent of the streaming service’s annual net revenue will go toward French and European films as part of a deal it made with numerous French film guilds earlier this year.

What this brings for the actor remains a mystery, but given Netflix’ history, there could be something good that comes out of it. We guess that we’ll be seeing more of this project quite soon.



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