Johnny Depp Claims That His New Quiet Life is Much Better Than Hollywood Life

A jury voted unanimously in Depp’s favor after a defamation case trial, concluding that what Heard wrote in her op-ed piece for The Washington Post was false and awarding him $15 million in damages. It would be an understatement to say that Johnny Depp has been in the spotlight recently, and it appears he has since left Hollywood for an unexpected place in Britain. The actor’s divorce from Amber Heard received extensive media coverage, and both parties involved have accused the other of abuse.

A Much Needed Change

Heard received a $2 million compensatory damages judgement from the jury despite failing to establish all elements of libel in her countersuit. Since then, Depp has made an understandable effort to avoid the spotlight and is succeeding — albeit in an unexpected way. In an interview with Somerset Living, Depp said he actually preferred the calm lifestyle to Hollywood’s opulent way of life. Yet, with 12 bedrooms and 8 bathrooms, Depp’s house in the West County is undoubtedly a luxurious one. The actor spent £13 million bought the 19th-century home with 850 acres of land back in 2014.

Just a Normal Day

Due to his prior life in Hollywood, we believe many of us perceive Depp as this enormous extrovert. But his desire to live in the English countryside actually aligns with it. Depp has been touring the UK quite a bit before the interview, which has many people in awe of his presence. The famous actor dropped by the Hemswell Antique Center in Lincolnshire covertly to buy some guitars, leaving the workers and customers in a state of shock.

Depp stated that after his case with Amber Heard, he just wanted his life back, and it would be safe to say that he had emerged victorious in that trial. Needless to say, the actor has been doing his best, especially recently, in trying to get back the life he claims he had lost and trying to live a quiet and peaceful life moving forward. He has been seen a lot in the UK and been doing well just minding his own business and trying to live out his life the best way he can. Certainly something he can be proud of and something he can own up to for having some peace of mind after everything that just happened recently.



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