John Wick 4 Praised and Dubbed as “One of the Greatest Action Movies of all Time”

Despite not even having a theatrical release date, John Wick: Chapter 4 already seems to be exceeding all expectations. At least that is what the critics who were given access to early screenings claim. Reviews for John Wick: Chapter 4 praise it as “one of the greatest action movies ever made,” the fourth installment.

Against the Odds

On May 21, 2021, the newest John Wick film was slated for release. The fourth installment of the well-known high-octane action franchise starring Keanu Reeves was delayed as a result of the pandemic that caused global mayhem. The early opinions from different critics (gathered by Rotten Tomatoes) are mostly favorable, even though comprehensive reviews won’t be released until a later time. Despite the sequel’s lengthy runtime of nearly 3 hours, several critics stated they were uncertain about it. Yet, the sequel managed to win over many of them.

Diving Into the Role

In the film’s titular character, Keanu Reeves returns, and critics have praised both his work as well as that of Donnie Yen, a newbie to the franchise but a legendary martial artist. The sequel, which was directed by Chad Stahelski, has even gotten as far as being hailed as one of the all-time great action films. Who could have predicted how well the counterintuitive casting would have worked? Reeves, a performer who, even at his most austere, can’t disguise his inherent likeability, was more approachable than the part required, and that’s precisely why it connected. His John Wick was a vicious badass with a quiver of decency staring into the abyss. He began as a typical antihero, but as the series progressed, it became more opulent.

The film takes up a whole lot of time, but critics and viewers really had good things to say about it. Nonetheless, Keanu Reeves really stepped along with the producers and really delivered on what could have been catastrophic if we’re talking about just the run time here. There’s no doubt that the film went over well and it might even see more success down the road later on.



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