John Krasinski Cast as Mr. Fantastic Due to Demand of Fans

The movie Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness has arrived in theaters and is full of surprises. The Illuminati, a group from vintage Marvel comics, is presented to us in the movie. Since John Krasinski has frequently looked the part in fan castings throughout the years, his appearance on screen was certain to be perceived as some sort of fan service.

The Brains Behind It All

Krasnski was cast as Mr. Fantastic by Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige, who apparently did so because it would fulfill fans’ fantasies. During the audio commentary for the movie, which is available in the extra features for the movie on Disney+, director Sam Raimi made this revelation.

A Huge Consideration

Michael Waldron, the writer of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, previously disclosed that while they seldom considered fan casts when choosing the Illuminati, John Krasinski’s selection as Mr. Fantastic was an exception. Raimi’s remarks confirm that Krasinski was one of the names that kept coming up in discussions of the Fantastic Four.

While most fans were expecting the return of the original actor of Reed Richards, this took a different direction in this phase of Marvel movies. Lots of fans were also elated to see Krasinski in a Fantastic 4 suit, but were also left wondering if there would be more for him in Marvel.



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