JK Simmons Explains Bulk Up and It Wasn’t For a Part

As time goes by, the human body tends to grow weaker and might even gain a few pounds or so. That certainly was the case for JK Simmons and he wanted to make a change and make sure he didn’t have to tread down that path again.

On the Right Track

JK Simmons had then explained that there was a time in his life where he had put on a lot of weight. He noticed that that wasn’t healthy and it caused a lot of struggle for him. He decided to put up a change and start working out to better himself and his body.

I Want Pictures of JK Simmons!

The actor had contacted his personal trainer and they hit the gym and started working hard. This coincidentally was not part of training for the role that he had a time. Portraying Jim Gordon in the famous Batman series and movies, the actor admits that this wasn’t his plan at the time and just wanted to get and stay in shape.

Just a little reminder for everyone that it’s not too late for a change and that if you set your mind to a goal, you can definitely achieve it.







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