Jeff Bridges is Expected to Win a Lifetime Achievement Award for His Spectacular Playing Career

The 28th annual Critics’ Choice Awards will present Jeff Bridges with a Lifetime Achievement Award.

A deserved award for a deserving actor

The Hollywood Reporter claims that the actor who played True Grit will receive the prestigious award honoring his entire 50-year career.

Jeff Bridges has built an incredible career in entertainment, earning multiple Oscar nominations and two Golden Globes Awards for his role as Otis ‘Bad’ Blake in Crazy Heart. It’s no wonder he continues to be a source of powerhouse performances!

On January 15, the ceremony will be held at the Fairmont Century Plaza in Los Angeles.

The actor was diagnosed with lymphoma in 2020 and battled cancer successfully after that.

On social media, the beloved star of The Big Lebowski made a heartfelt announcement – he had been diagnosed with lymphoma.

This cancer affects the body’s immune system, when abnormal white blood cells start to rapidly multiply and spread throughout one’s lymphatic system. While this news was certainly not easy for him to share, his supportive fans remain by his side as they enter into this next chapter together.

“I have been diagnosed with Lymphoma. Despite the fact that it’s terrible condition, I feel lucky that I have a superb team of specialists and the outlook is bright. I’m beginning my treatment, and I’ll keep you updated on how I’m doing.”

What is Lymphoma anyway?

Cancer of the lymphatic system, or Lymphomas, is far from rare – in fact they are the sixth most frequently occurring form of cancer (excluding non-melanoma skin cancers).

These devastating diseases begin when abnormal white blood cells rapidly multiply and spread throughout this vital network that runs through our bodies.

Mysterious and unknown, lymphoma is a confounding disease whose cause has perplexed medical experts for years.

At its core lies an aberrant mutation affecting the DNA of certain white blood cells called lymphocytes; subsequently triggering them to divide uncontrollably in vast numbers, creating a host of diseased clones that propagate further mutations.

I’m incredibly appreciative of my family and friends’ love and support. I appreciate your prayers and well wishes. And, while I’ve got your attention, please go vote because we’re all in this together. Love, Jeff.

The actor started chemotherapy, but during his battle with cancer, he also tested positive for COVID-19.

The 73-year-old posted on his website in January 2021 the encouraging news that his tumor had “dramatically shrunk.”

Bridges discovered some stellar news after undergoing a CAT Scan to monitor his tumor’s progress: the new procedure had made huge strides in decreasing its size. Taking time away from acting for now, Bridges is still making waves through FX’s The Old Man series – proving that no challenge can stop him!

Dan Chase is a former CIA agent looking for his last opportunity at redemption – and he’s getting just that.

After more than three decades living off-grid, the enigmatic figure from Dan’s past has come back to offer him one fleeting chance! Bridges recently opened up about acting during these unique times, calling it an incredible ‘dream’ despite the health concerns of filming in a pandemic.

After the pandemic forced a break in production, he faced a personal health scare. But when they returned to complete filming two years later, something miraculous happened – it felt like an extended weekend of extraordinary epiphanies had occurred instead of a nightmare!



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