James Gunn Teases Exciting Idea for a Star-Lord Spin-Off Movie

Guardians of the Galaxy director, James Gunn, has recently sparked excitement among fans by revealing his ideas for a potential spin-off film featuring the beloved character, Star-Lord. 

While collaborating on a long-term plan for the DC Universe, Gunn took a moment to discuss the future of Star-Lord within the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). 

During the commentary track of Guardians of the Galaxy 3, Gunn disclosed that he has had conversations with Chris Pratt, the actor who portrays Star-Lord, about potential storylines and the character’s development.

A ‘Legendary Star-Lord’ Adventure

Gunn expressed his desire to create a unique and captivating storyline for Star-Lord in a standalone film. He envisions Star-Lord adapting to life on Earth after his galactic escapades, drawing parallels to someone attempting to adjust to an alien environment. 

Comparing Star-Lord’s situation to being a fish out of water in familiar surroundings, Gunn believes that exploring this narrative would be both intriguing and entertaining. His enthusiasm for the project is evident as he eagerly awaits the opportunity to witness Star-Lord’s journey unfold on the big screen.

In the post-credits scene of Guardians of the Galaxy 3, audiences catch a glimpse of Peter Quill’s life as a regular Earthling. It is evident that his experiences on Earth are significantly less action-packed compared to his exhilarating interstellar adventures with Rocket, Groot, and the rest of the Guardians. 

However, the scene leaves viewers with a tantalizing promise as it concludes with the tagline, “The Legendary Star-Lord will return.” This hint has generated speculation and excitement among fans, eagerly anticipating the next chapter in Star-Lord’s story.

Chris Pratt, who has become synonymous with the character of Star-Lord, has expressed his openness to returning to the role in the MCU. Pratt has emphasized his desire for any potential spin-off to honor James Gunn’s Guardians trilogy and ensure that the story continues for valid reasons, rather than solely for financial gain. 

The actor firmly believes that there is still much potential to explore within the character, and he is enthusiastic about the opportunity to further develop Star-Lord’s journey.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 and Beyond

Fans who are eager to delve further into the world of Guardians of the Galaxy can now purchase Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 digitally, complete with James Gunn’s insightful director’s commentary. Additionally, a 4K UHD, Blu-ray, and DVD release is scheduled for August 1, offering a chance for audiences to own a physical copy of the film. 

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 marks the final installment in the Guardians trilogy, receiving positive feedback from both critics and viewers. The film’s emotional impact has resonated with audiences, ensuring that the cosmic adventures of the Guardians conclude on a high note.

As James Gunn continues to shape the DCU, he remains committed to exploring the potential of Star-Lord in the MCU. The prospect of a standalone “Legendary Star-Lord” movie, focusing on his struggles and triumphs as he adapts to life on Earth, has generated considerable excitement among fans. 

With Chris Pratt’s willingness to reprise the role and his desire for the story to remain true to the Guardians trilogy, the future looks promising for Star-Lord and his dedicated fanbase. Until then, fans can relish the emotional conclusion of the Guardians trilogy and anticipate the next chapter in Star-Lord’s epic journey.



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