James Cameron Promises Avatar 2 to be Quite the Lengthy Movie

It’s a must to be acknowledged that contemporary moviegoers frequently lament the length of movies, believing they lack the endurance or willpower to appreciate works of that length. James Cameron says you shouldn’t worry about the Avatar 2 runtime being too long because it will be as expected.

A Bit of a Heads Up

The Way of Water’s running time was discussed by the filmmaker in an interview with Empire Magazine. He didn’t provide any specifics while saying that it will be another lengthy film, although he did invite viewers to use the restroom if necessary.

He’s Telling Us

Cameron targeted the binge-watchers among us who criticize longer films despite their own watching habits. And while making, directing and producing a film can be quite lengthy, he has took it to social media to tell everyone his thoughts and share a bit more about what to expect from the movie. 

Be sure you check out his tweet about it right here!