Jake Paul Sends Demands to Tommy Fury for Moving of Fight

Prior to his rescheduled bout against Paul, Fury disclosed earlier this week that his Electronic System for Travel Authorization (ESTA) had been rejected in the US, preventing him from entering the country. In order to move their fight to the UK, Jake Paul has now written Tommy Fury a list of demands.

The Price Being

Paul has now given Fury the chance to fight on his own territory in exchange for $15 million, which Paul believes Fury “doesn’t have.” Paul also gave Fury some legal advise on pursuing their fight in the US somewhere in the video.

The Uncertainty

Paul, a former YouTuber turned boxer, will face the 23-year-old in Madison Square Garden in August. It’s unclear, though, whether or not the fight will proceed according to schedule. Fans and those wanting to watch both await any response from the Tommy Fury’s end.

Be sure you check out the video of Jake Paul giving his demands right here!



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